Sherri L. Wyatt resides in beautiful Riverview, FL, in greater Tampa Bay.

Sherri Wyatt was raised by loving parents in a Christian home. However, perversion of the Grace of God through our Savior Jesus Christ by religion and religious rituals spoke the fire-and-brimstone message of condemnation, guilt, and shame. Confusion prevailed from an early age about the love of God.

As life-threatening childhood health issues mounted, she felt God was mad at her. She tried to do good and be good, yet more trauma was inflicted. Feeling alone, condemned, shamed, and guilty, food and alcohol became her perverted savior. Alcohol and food represented freedom from the torture and pain of life, including gang rape, self-hatred, and abusive relationships.

As time passed, the confirmation of her unworthiness manifested into deeply entrenched addictions that numbed her physical, mental, and spiritual pain. One dark evening (after being in and out of AA, trying not to pick up a drink, and realizing that self-help is a lie), God’s message came through: “It’s enough. I love you. Come home.”

On that desperate night, contemplating suicide, she heard God’s message of unconditional love and forgiveness.

Through a relationship with the true Savior, Jesus Christ, Sherri became I AM AntiVenom and slayed the serpents that had controlled her for decades. Today, she has an abiding relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Sherri’s purpose is to illuminate how to help others identify the serpents in their life and slay them in whatever form they take by the Power that transformed her!

Today, Sherri Lynn Wyatt is a Ph.D. candidate at Grand Canyon in the field of Psychology with an emphasis on cognition and instruction. Sherri received her Bachelor of Science in Business and Master of Science in Mental Health and Wellness from Grand Canyon University.

Her research aim is to examine sustained alcohol abstinence predictors in individuals with alcohol use disorder (AUD), specifically severe AUD. Sherri is a ten-year recovered person from over two decades of severe substance abuse disorder (SUD) and AUD. She aims to develop custom-tailored interventions that target individual SUD and AUD predictor variables for sustained abstinence.

Relapse is not mandatory! By human nature, the addict is doomed to cyclical and chronic relapse. The addicted individuals resulting cognitive domain disruptions can be healed forever without fear of any people, place, or thing “triggering” relapse.

Freedom is the I AM AntiVenom Power which results in a new creation as if we never were afflicted. Tracts and traces disappear, and we walk free from all the vipers and venom of this world in the name of Jesus Christ.

A Recovered Life!

A Life Revival is the destiny of anyone who desires to be healed!

Sherri Wyatt is the sole owner of Life Revival Coaching Studio, LRCS®.

Federal Tax ID# F825521147

Approved Government Contractor

DUNS#  087458661  CAGE# 85G50

Licensed Florida Realtor, SL3383080

Sherri Wyatt knows firsthand the struggle to break free from the addiction cycle and how to live a transformed LIFE REVIVAL.

A RECOVERED LIFE of rest, joy, peace, and without fear of relapse is possible.

If you’re prepared to begin your transition to a Life Revival, please connect with Sherri’s team at LRCS via the form below. She eagerly awaits the opportunity to discuss the range of information and services provided by LRCS and to support you in your decision to live a Recovered Life, a Life Revival.


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