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    HappiHappiHome is part of the Life Revival Coaching Studio (LRCS), LLC., and HappiHappiHome was explicitly launched to reach individuals and families affected by the insidious disease of addiction.

    ANYONE can recover from addiction.

    Addiction is a brain disease.

    Addiction is the DIS-ease of cognitive processes associated with mental health and wellness.

    Brain DIS-ease manifests as neuroadaptations from chronic misuse of any substance or behavior, destroying the healthy mind, body, and spirit. Addiction is the preventable PANDEMIC affecting the social, economic, and psychological health and wellness of individuals, families, friends, and communities globally!

    Sherri has a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology. Sherri’s research focused on the neuroscience associated with the three-stage addiction cycle using the Brian Disease Model of Addiction (BDMA) theoretical foundation and predictor constructs associated with chronicity of relapse, protracted abstinence, and stable abstinence in addiction.

    Recovery from addiction is possible for any individual with the DESIRE to RECOVER!

    LRCS and HappiHappiHome address psychological, biological, and spiritual health and wellness, understanding that biopsychosocial constructs are intricately connected and must be treated accordingly.

    HappiHappiHome partners with individuals, families, communities, and recovery groups to treat and address the entirety of addiction ramifications. Treatment of the biological, psychological, and sociological individualized components can lead to a LIFE REVIVAL, a RECOVERED LIFE.

    HappiHappiHome recognizes that everyone who struggles with addiction (e.g., food, sex, alcohol, drugs, gambling, social media) does not have identical needs in recovery and transition into a Recovered Life Revival.

    Life Revival is not just rehabilitation; HappiHappiHome endeavors to create a trust and relationship with each person where lived experiences combined with science serve as a catalyst that catapults our clients into an individualized dimension of joy, peace, happiness, prosperity, and productivity that they never dreamed possible. However, transitioning out of the cognitive, behavioral, and social dysfunction associated with a chronic lifestyle of addiction is challenging. It is common for individuals in the addiction cycle to use a substance other than the primary drug or behavior of choice to alleviate the physical, emotional, and psychological discomfort of craving and withdrawal. Thus, individuals trying to escape the addiction cycle can pick up unhealthy behaviors to compensate for the biopsychosocial withdrawal from addictions. Transitioning from addiction is a critical stage; but addiction can be overcome, resulting in a RECOVERED LIFE REVIVAL.

    HappiHappiHome embraces the individual, the family, and the friends linked to all those suffering from addiction and its insidious stronghold.

    Sherri is a Christian and believes that God, the Creator of all things, gives every good and perfect gift from above.

    Brilliant researchers, doctors, scientists, and all the knowledge of the empirical world of science is God’s Good Gift.

    Wisdom is God’s Perfect Gift.

    Therefore, Sherri, the founder of HappiHappiHome, combines all of God’s Good and Perfect gifts when working with each individual.

    The Wisdom of God and cognitive science are the foundation. Anyone can RECOVER from addiction. The transition from the bondage of addiction to a NEW CREATION, a LIFE REVIVAL, is for anyone who desires to be RECOVERED!

    NOTHING can stop what God has ordained.

    A RECOVERED LIFE REVIVAL is already ordained for all who desire to be FREE INDEED!

    Addiction is worldwide, and the numbers of addicted individuals are staggering. In relationship to every person struggling in the addiction cycle is a family, community, and society that experiences the necrotizing residue from this devastating disease.

    Sherri is the founder of Life Revival Coaching Studio (LRCS), and designer of HappiHappiHome.

    Sherri Wyatt knows firsthand the struggle to break free from the addiction cycle and how to live a transformed LIFE REVIVAL.

    A RECOVERED LIFE of rest, joy, peace, and without fear of relapse is possible.


    For existing clients, book sessions by clicking the appropriate link below:

    30-minute session:

    45-minute session:

    If you would like to be on an information /waiting list, please fill out this form..and someone on the team will be in touch.